Screw Extraction – FAIL

Let me avoid any pretense of suspense – using the StewMac screw extractor was a total fail. In fact it made things worse. How? I’ll get to that.

Here is what I received in the mail.


It is essentially a tube with teeth cut into it that cut in a reverse direction (so you run the drill in reverse). The idea is that you bore a hole into the guitar around the screw and then you can remove the plug and stick in a piece of dowel or something.

So I tried it out.


Here I am using a piece of plexiglass to keep the boring tool straight and aligned. So how did it work? Well it did bore a little way… before the boring tool shattered.



And worse, the end of the boring tool is jammed in the hole from which I was trying to extract the screw!


So this isn’t good at all and this extractor from StewMac has made matters worse, presumably because they used a dubious quality of steel tubing to cut their tool. Now what do I do?



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