Some more paint experiments

This post is part two of my paint experiment, started a couple of days ago. I ended up taking an unfinished body, primering it and putting on a base coat of striped paint. This is where we were two days ago:


Since then I tried an experiment which I saw on YouTube. I know, you are rolling your eyes already. But since this is meant to be a learning experience, what the heck?

The experiment is to dribble dish soap all over the guitar and then spray a second coat. The idea is that the paint won’t stick to the dish soap and will leave patterns underneath uncovered. So here is day 1, where I soaped and then painted the guitar. I used two top coats, one light blue and one dark blue. The soap was too runny and it ran all over the place but luckily the paint dries quickly enough that the basic effect seems to be intact.IMG_0166

After a few hours, I wiped the soap off the guitar and then hung it to dry for 24 hours. The next day, I washed the guitar, to get the soap off, so I could do that backside. Getting the soap off is critical for applying the next coat of paint.


Yes, that is my bathtube 😉 Note the soap drip on the top edge of the guitar. That’ll be gone soon.

Then I soaped and painted the back of the guitar.


Lots of soap running again! After about 3 hours, I wiped all the soap off and hung the guitar to dry overnight. I’ll do a final cleaning tomorrow. Here is the wiped guitar hanging to dry.



Notice the string holes? It looks like water has gotten in there and is delaminating the wood. I should have taped off the string holes after the first coat of paint. When I do this for real, I won’t make that mistake again.


Update: Though this isn’t guitar #3 but simply a testbed, here is a mock with a maple neck. What do you think?






3 thoughts on “Some more paint experiments

  1. The soap is a really unique idea, it seems like it came out pretty well. If you don’t mind me asking: what climate are you painting in? I live in a cold area and am afraid that my paint will not dry correctly


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