A few interesting and unusual guitars

Not all guitars are Telecasters, or even Fender guitars, as hard to believe as that may seem! There are a *lot* of companies out there building very unusual guitars. I would say that most of these companies are either adorning their guitars with cosmetic inlay changes


beautiful (or cheesy) artwork:


or gimmicky/excessive inlays and strange shapes:


But there are some truly novel guitars being built which deserve some attention or at least some kudos for being so novel and innovative. Here are a few.

First, and because I actually own one of these, is the Traveler Guitar:


This guitar has a full 24 – 3/4″ scale fretboard but the guitar is shortened by putting the tuners in the body, eliminating the headstock and also most of the body. It is extremely compact and very easily transported, fitting well with the carry-on space on any airline. That strange airfoil shaped part is detachable and is only there to help you control the guitar when playing, as it is so small. The guitar comes with a built-in pre-amp, sporting clean and dirty channels. I recently took mine on a trip to Poland and it was easy to take through the airports and it gave me something to do in the evenings.

Next, because I would like to own one of these, is this steampunk guitar:


It’s built in the style of a Telecaster, which makes it automatically cool, and even the more so because if you flick that toggle switch closest to the back of the guitar, all the gears in the body start turning and that piston just under the pickups starts a pumpin’. Awesome!

Here is a novel guitar line from a company claiming to started by folks who are part luthier and part skateboard:


All their guitars, including the necks, are made from recycled skateboards!

But I am saving the coolest for last (sorry to all the other guitar companies). Here is literally the most novel guitar I have ever seen. It is built without any wood, entirely out of titanium, and it innovates on many fronts simultaneously: no fretboard, no headstock, no body, no neck, per-string pickups, 31 frets, and zero maintenance! It looks like a set of titanium wind chimes.



I have no idea what this would be like to play but I would love to try! Apparently they are developing a bass as well. Here is a bit more info on this novel instrument.


Hope you found some of these guitars interesting, and if you happen to try any of them out, let me know!



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