Guitar #3 – c’est fini

When last we spoke, I had finished painting a basic alder telecaster body from Warmoth using spray cans and dish soap:

I’ve not written anything for some time as I’ve been waiting for my spray can painted experiment to come back from getting a satin nitro clear coat courtesy of Keith Holland’s Guitar Hospital. Well, it’s back!

And this is what it looks like after assembly. All done. Setup is complete, action is correct, tuned, intonated, and playing well!


I decided to forego the pickguard on the advice of Keith Holland and because a white pickguard covered a lot of the paint and looked dorky 😉


And this does not say “Caito” on the back!


Check out these blue metal knobs, courtesy of Anotone!


And my 9.5 inch constant radius neck with 8-38 strings! I wanted to see what Billy Gibbons feels when he plays but I wasn’t prepared to go all the way to 7s.


And the other end:


You can see all the specs for the guitar (if you are interested) here.



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