Two guitars – two collaborations

I am working on two more guitars. For the first one, I took a raw, unfinished ash body and gave it to a friend of mine, a hobby artist,  in order that she would create something interesting. I will then finish the body with a nitro clear coat and put it together. Since I have no idea what she is planning, I cannot plan any of the other components yet, including the neck.

In the meantime, with my daughter, I am working on a second guitar which we will be painting. The idea is to paint a raw, unfinished alder body with a pattern, mask it with another pattern on top of the first pattern (this time using toothpaste!), and then apply some solid color to the whole body. Later I wipe off the toothpaste and voila!

It is back to dual humbuckers with this guitar 🙂

Here is what’s been done so far – see if you can guess what the final version will look like.


Sealer/primer/filler applied:


First pattern applied:


The back side:


And as a teaser, here is the neck we’ll be using:





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