Master of the Telecaster

G.E. Smith is a name you may know or you may not know. While he has recorded under his own name, he is not so well known in that vein but he has certainly recorded with and toured with many bands, including many years with Hall and Oates, touring with Bob Dylan, and playing for Roger Waters on his recent ‘The Wall’ tour. If you do know him, it’s for one of two reasons:

Either you know he was the band leader for Saturday Night Live (SNL) for a decade or you know him because he is a master of the Telecaster. Or maybe both.

In fact, at one time (2007) Fender sold a GE Smith tribute Telecaster, which I can no longer find on their web site. GE Smith has played the Telecaster his whole career and he talks a bit about his career and the Fender guitar named after him in this video.


But the main reason for this post, and for the introductory text and video above, is so that I can play you this song, “Can’t find my way Home”, originally by Blind Faith, one of Clapton’s adventures. It is a fantastic instrumental rendition by GE Smith and I honestly wish I could see this guy play live. He really is one of the best. Enjoy.

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