Holocaster part II

Final assembly of the ‘holocaster’, a black stratocaster body sprayed with a large metal flake finish, is all done and here are some shots.

Finishing up the neck. Kurt Vonnegut books are just the right size to use as jigs 🙂


In the sun:



Check out the noiseless Z-coil pickups:


And the satin finish locking tuners:



And a custom neck plate to finish it off:


I am not sure what caused that strange blurry blemish in the photo above – this is not a problem with the guitar. I suspect it is a bug in the iPhone post production depth of field adjustment or perhaps some strange interplay with the holoflake finish.

Lots of fun! Ciao.




2 thoughts on “Holocaster part II

  1. Hello Patrick,

    I love it! I have concluded that guitars should be painted, and that exotic wood distracts one from viewing the guitar as the tool that it is [or, rather, should be].




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