Day Zero

New Year’s Day 2016. Today. This will be Day Zero for the Frankencaster. All the parts are here and it is time to start assembling, tuning, tweaking. Looking at this photo, it doesn’t look too complicated. The complications lie in the adjustments and settings. The main complication, the neck, arrived very recently from Warmoth. It… Continue reading Day Zero

Wiring the Frankencaster #1

I was trying to think about how to discuss the guitar wiring. I know wiring diagrams and electronic components can be rather opaque to many people but they really aren’t that hard. I decided not to go into any kind of theory but just to look at my wiring diagram/proposal to see how things will… Continue reading Wiring the Frankencaster #1

Building a guitar

I love electric guitars. I love to play ’em, I love to look at ’em, and I love to listen to ’em. I think the guitar is one of the most versatile instruments there is and so one day, I decided I needed to try building one. Now I’m not particularly handy so I didn’t… Continue reading Building a guitar