Around Christmas 2015, I decided to build an electric guitar. I’ve never done this before and when I told my brother about this project, he was much more interested than I expected and he wanted me to document what I did. So I decided to do that by keeping a blog of the process, talking about every aspect of the project. This is that blog.

The first guitar I built is documented as “guitar #1” and you should read this post first, it talks about what I wanted to build. The “Frankencaster” was a modified Telecaster body, with a tummy cut and a forearm contour, a Stratocaster neck, and Gibson-style pickups and electronics, with custom wiring by yours truly. Subsequent posts are all linked within each preceeding post.

After I finished guitar #1, I got interested in seeing what types of Telecasters I could build and I decided to build several more. Telecaster #2 was be a Telecaster with a nice wood body, traditional pickups, no pick guard, and with some more experimental wiring (pickups in series). Telecaster #3 was painted by me and Tele #4 is a post-modern interpretation of “micawber” 😉


Tele 5 was designed by my daughter and Tele 6 is the most beautiful Stratocaster you have ever seen. Both appear in the middle of the photo below.


Finally, there is my fingerstyle electric Telecaster. See below.


All of these guitars are documented in this blog. Feel free to start at the beginning or just to browse.

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