I really like the idea of using a guitar as a platform for artistic expression – the idea of a tool for artistic expression (music) being itself an artistic expression. In the 1990s, NYC street artist John ‘Crash’ Matos painted several guitars for Eric Clapton. Eventually Fender got involved and some 50 various “crashocasters” were… Continue reading Tuttomondo!

More wacky electronics

In my search to add wackier and wackier electronics to my home-made Telecasters, I have gone from simple things, like trying to wire different pickups together as a giant humbucker, to more complicated things like trying to create an infinitely variable single coil-to-humbucker knob, and with the latest project, I built a guitar with a… Continue reading More wacky electronics

The Butterscotch neck

Some time ago (actually, 11 months ago) I stumbled across a neck which struck me like a slap in the face. It was a Stratocaster neck made from a single piece of quartersawn Goncalo Alves. I figured because this neck was so unusual looking, it would eventually be part of a beautiful guitar and that… Continue reading The Butterscotch neck