The case of the missing Christmas present

I visited my brother this Christmas and so I needed a present. My brother is interested in guitars and he also appreciates unusual things so I thought I would look for something for him in the guitar realm. Recently, I happened to see in the news that Eric Clapton was selling some more guitars, presumably for his… Continue reading The case of the missing Christmas present

Review: “The Wahtz Wah” pedal kit

I like to build stuff and I think the main reason I like to build stuff is that I like to understand how things work at a very low level of detail and building something really forces you to figure this out. In the past I’ve assembled guitars, I’ve assembled a mechanical pocketwatch from pieces,… Continue reading Review: “The Wahtz Wah” pedal kit

Building a guitar

I love electric guitars. I love to play ’em, I love to look at ’em, and I love to listen to ’em. I think the guitar is one of the most versatile instruments there is and so one day, I decided I needed to try building one. Now I’m not particularly handy so I didn’t… Continue reading Building a guitar