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The Tone-caster

Over 2019 I worked on several guitar projects, the Relicaster and the Hotrod, and I jokingly started referring to these projects as two of the guitars in the Vintage Trilogy. There were vintage aspects to each, faux relic’ing on one and an old hotrod inspired paint job on the other. In addition, the both were fitted with maple necks and a satin finish with a ‘vintage’ tint. Then when 2020 […]

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The Psychadelicaster

The Psychadelicaster is my first attempt to paint a guitar. I started with an unfinished Telecaster body (made from alder). The first step was to lay down some undercoating, red and yellow stripes. Then I tried an experiment which I saw on YouTube. I know, you are already rolling your eyes already. But since this is meant to be a learning experience, what the heck? The experiment is to dribble […]

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