Guitar #5 – paint

The whole point behind guitar #5 was that my daughter was going to design the paint scheme and help me apply it. Last post we started with an unfinished HH Telecaster body and the base primer/sealer had been applied, followed by a white/black stripe pattern.


Originally, our plan was to use something thick and goopy like toothpaste as a mask, and to paint it on with brushes, or perhaps a stencil, then put color on top of that. After the color dried, we wiped off the toothpaste. A test run with toothpaste, paintbrushes, and some cardboard quickly relieved us of that notion. Toothpaste does not make a paint substitute and it flat out doesn’t work. It is thin, it does not cover, and it is hard to use.

Not to be discouraged, we changed plans and my daughter suggested painting something like Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein but with different colors. So off to Michael’s to check out paint whereupon she decided she like copper paint 🙂  Eventually we got here:


From this point, it was a quick effort to spray the guitar with a bright copper colored paint and then to remove the tape.


Yes it looks odd.


I guess the next step is a clear coat, to protect the paint and keep it from chipping.



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