Holocaster part II

Final assembly of the ‘holocaster’, a black stratocaster body sprayed with a large metal flake finish, is all done and here are some shots. Finishing up the neck. Kurt Vonnegut books are just the right size to use as jigs ūüôā In the sun: Check out the noiseless Z-coil pickups: And the satin finish locking… Continue reading Holocaster part II

More wacky electronics

In my search to add wackier and wackier electronics to my home-made Telecasters, I have gone from simple things, like trying to wire different pickups together as a giant humbucker, to more complicated things like trying to create an infinitely variable single coil-to-humbucker knob, and with the latest project, I built a guitar with a… Continue reading More wacky electronics

The case of the missing Christmas present

I visited my brother this Christmas and so¬†I needed a present. My brother is interested in guitars and he also appreciates unusual things so I thought I would look for something for him in the guitar realm. Recently, I happened to see in the news¬†that Eric Clapton was selling some more guitars, presumably for his… Continue reading The case of the missing Christmas present

A few interesting and meaningful Canadian bands

I was born in Canada and I grew up hundreds and hundreds of miles north of the US border. We may have been a long way north but we still loved to rock and perhaps all the more so because of the 9 months of winter and the 18 hour nights during those¬†winters. So I… Continue reading A few interesting and meaningful Canadian bands